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The construction of buildings made of concrete or reinforced concrete is not complete without the use of special forms. Building forms that give the future building a concrete shape - this is the formwork.

The formwork can be solid, for example, cardboard, for pouring columns, or a team consisting of connected elements. Vertical, horizontal, beam-crossbar, radial and other types of formwork are assembled together and fastened individual elements. Formwork accessories are used to assemble individual units into a single integral structure that could hold a concrete mass.

Small, but extremely necessary for the installation of formwork elements, provide a reliable connection of large nodes. For example, without locks or wedges, panel formwork cannot be assembled. Plastic forms are interconnected, forming a solid surface, using small, but very important, keys.

Materials for formwork accessories

Fasteners and formwork accessories can be made of various materials, based on considerations of manufacturability and rational cost. For plastic formwork, for example, plastic fastener parts are produced, and for formwork of medium and heavy series - from metal. As a rule, steel is used as having sufficient strength and hardness.

Using a formwork element such as an anchor nut paired with a clamping screw, the elements of the shield formwork are pulled together. There are universal fasteners and formwork accessories that are suitable for formwork of different sizes, different manufacturers, and there are elements manufactured by a particular manufacturer, for example, for your profile of shields. Therefore, it would be wise to buy formwork accessories in Ukraine from the same manufacturer where you purchase the main formwork elements so that there is no discrepancy between the size of the fasteners and large formwork units. Useful formwork accessories, such as a crane hinge, allow you to transport heavy forms using an overhead crane. Successful installation of formwork at the construction site largely depends on such seemingly small elements, formwork accessories.

In monolithic construction, both large units and smaller parts are important:

  • screw lock,
  • wedge lock,
  • coupling screw,
  • anchor nut,
  • crane loop,
  • wedge, etc.

We recommend that you purchase the necessary accessories and formwork fasteners directly from the manufacturer.

Why is it worth buying fasteners and accessories from us?

  • When buying fasteners and small parts, you will be 100% sure that they will fit the boards and other large formwork units that are sold with us.
  • You can get professional advice on the type and quantity of fasteners required for the installation of formwork.
  • You don’t have to go around stores in search of such a part that is suitable for you when you mount the formwork at the facility.

Our site presents a range of auxiliary elements and accessories of formwork of various types, from the formwork of ceilings to the panel formwork.

Call to clarify any questions regarding fasteners and formwork parts! We will help you with pleasure!