Aluminum boxes

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Logistics and transportation of goods often require the use of special packaging for cargo, especially for fragile valuable cargo, food, medicines, instruments, as well as other objects that require maintaining the temperature or integrity of the surface or packaging. In the matter of transportation of goods it is difficult to overestimate the availability of high-quality packaging for transportation. One of the most optimal solutions is the use of metal boxes. Aluminum packaging is sufficiently light to ensure the integrity and safety of the cargo. Using aluminum boxes for transportation, you can be sure that there is no deformation of the load or scratches or dents.

Aluminum boxes can be equipped with locks, which makes it possible to fully preserve the cargo during transportation. In addition, the ergonomics of aluminum packaging is ensured by the presence of handles for transfer. Boxes can be installed one on another, which is provided by special "legs". Depending on the type of goods transported, it is possible to use boxes with or without a lid, with a padlock or mortise lock. The easy-to-clean surface of the drawers allows the container to be kept clean. The stainless surface maintains metallic luster and integrity, even in the event that water enters the box. Aluminum boxes are convenient not only for transportation, they are also used for the storage of goods. You can be sure that the items placed inside the box will not suffer from moisture, dust or other impacts.

Unlike plastic boxes, which can crack in the cold, aluminum boxes can easily withstand the effects of negative temperatures. Regarding the weight of the container, you can also be calm - everyone knows a small mass of aluminum products. You can transport or store small items in the box by installing partitions in aluminum boxes, which you can buy in Kiev on our website. A solution for fragile goods is also provided - soft liners from special protective foam are installed inside the box, so that objects do not break against the walls of the box. You can also install wheels on the aluminum box, which will greatly simplify manual transportation.


  • parts and equipment units;
  • fragile devices with the additional use of soft liners;
  • optical tools with additional use of protective foam liners;
  • specialized equipment;
  • small loads in separate sections of the box when using partitions;
  • tare without a lid is used as a container for goods in stores (clothes, food, etc.);
  • This is an ideal package for cargo during long shipments;
  • boxes are suitable for storage in warehouses of various goods;
  • in the aluminum box you can hold tools;
  • boxing is suitable for storing things in the trunk of a car;
  • for fishing gear;
  • You can also transport any cargo that requires integrity during transport and storage.

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