Attic stairs

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The attic in the house is a place where you can store many necessary and already unnecessary things, and even secrets. To conveniently climb into the room, located under the roof, usually use special high-rise structures - attic stairs. These devices do not need to be attached to the attic opening, each time getting out of the pantry, and carried away after use. Modern attic stairs have a folding structure, consisting of several sections, securely fastened together.

At our online storefront presents attic stairs, compactly folding in the hatch box. These are attic ladders of scissor type and folding three-section models. The length of the stairs is made sufficient to ensure the rise from the floor itself. And in order to climb and descend it has become even easier, on some models there is a small side rail. For older people the presence of handrails is absolutely necessary. The steps of the attic stairs usually have a flat horizontal orientation, which makes climbing the stairs safer and more convenient when compared to those made with round or square crossbars.

Modern designs that provide a lift to the attic are not visible at first glance, since they hide behind a hatchway covering the attic opening. Being in the room under the attic, you can freely use the entire volume of the room. Stairs leading to the attic will not interfere with the tenants, as well as prevent the placement of furniture. In this case, at any time when you will need, you can expand the stairs to the floor. To do this, you just need to pull the bottom edge of the ladder, and the mechanism of the folding ladder will ensure full unfolding from the ceiling to the floor.

Boxes of attic hatches are made with a gasket so that the closing lid fits snugly and prevents drafts. Thermal insulation of the manhole cover allows you to create in the lower room, located under the attic, comfortable conditions for residents.

Attic stairs are made from materials most adapted for domestic use. We offer aluminum and wooden attic stairs, since such materials have an aesthetic appearance, keep the surface intact from corrosion, and are also designed for long-term service. Here you can buy attic stairs with a suitable area of ​​the hatch.