Boiler scaffolding

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For the repair of boilers, heat and electrical equipment, at various production facilities it is best to use rack-mount scaffolding. The spatial construction of the inventory scaffolding is mounted inside or outside the boiler furnace. Repair, reconstruction, cleaning, maintenance, lining up of boilers in thermal power plants and steam boilers does not take place without the use of rack-mount scaffolding. The rack-mounted scaffolding reliably attaches to the walls of the firebox, which eliminates the structural wobbling during operation. Typical scaffolding nodes (this is another name for rack-mount scaffolding) can become a universal base for scaffolding or non-standard scaffolding.

Typical scaffolding nodes (TUL-1) are used for mounting scaffolding in furnaces of various types of boilers, during construction and repair work.

The scaffolding structure, made of standard units (racks, girders, decking, stairs, boards, clamps, etc.), is a frame spatial system of a pin type, assembled inside the boiler’s furnace, on a building site or in a repaired building with metal laying or wooden flooring on all tiers. In fire chambers with a cold funnel, forests are installed on farms, in fire chambers with a horizontal or slightly inclined hearth, forests are installed on shoes.

Due to its simple and versatile design, rack-mount scaffolding is in great demand at industrial sites, where repairs or maintenance of large equipment is underway. TUL-1 can be placed on level, sloping or stepped surfaces. It is possible to purchase an individual set of boiler scaffoldings with the number of incoming nodes you need. Steel inventory forests are sold at a reasonable price from the manufacturer.