Building cradles

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At present, such work at height as building insulation, glass cleaning, facade finishing, painting and other works with the outer surface of buildings do not do without construction cradles. These massive suspended structures are securely fastened to the roof using durable steel assemblies and a large number of concrete counterweights. Safety of work is ensured by the use of several large-section cables, reliable control systems and blocking.

Work at height is always fraught with danger and risk to life. Manufacturers are aware of a high degree of responsibility for the life of personnel working on the cradle, so the quality control of construction cradles is carried out strictly in accordance with the requirements of the standards.

Modern construction cradles are safe high-altitude equipment that delivers working personnel, used tools and materials to the required height. A large working platform allows you to work with a significant area of ​​the facade; all necessary equipment for work is placed in the basket of the cradle. Construction cradles differ in high loading capacity.

It is not cheap to buy construction cradles, but this is the best option for construction companies and enterprises engaged in decorating and repairing multi-storey facades. Some may think - than to buy a construction cradle, it is better to use the services of industrial climbers, but in adverse weather conditions (strong frost, wind), and also taking into account the difference in carrying capacity, construction cradles are more convenient and provide greater efficiency of work.

Compared with scaffolding, which have a limited height and which need to be mounted longer, buy a front elevator is a more profitable option, especially if you plan to work with tall buildings.

Having considered all possible options and taking into account the advantages of the design, you can buy construction cradles on our website.