Construction cradle 6 m, hot dip galvanized, cable 50 m

  • Description

On a cradle of 6 m, several people can work simultaneously, taking into account the maximum load capacity of a cradle of 630 kg:

  • the balustrade and the console are made with a surface that has been hot-dip galvanized;
  • the length of the cradle 6 m makes it possible to cover a large facade surface in one pass;
  • the coloring of the cradle in a noticeable color increases the safety of operation;
  • control is carried out using the remote control;
  • simple installation of a cradle's assembly structure will speed up the beginning of work;
  • the movement of the cradle at a speed of 9.5 m / min is due to an electric motor;
  • when installing the cradle on the roof, the safety of the finish is ensured;
  • the facade cradle lifts to a height of 100 m;
  • high protection of the building cradle 6 m will ensure safety;
  • for the operation of the electric motor requires the presence of a 380 V voltage source;
  • on a 600 cm long platform it is convenient to work and place equipment and tools;
  • the platform of a single type consists of 3 sections;
  • the movement up or down is controlled by a special button;
  • metal elements of the balustrades are firmly welded to ensure the reliability of the connection;
  • construction cradle 6 m has a long service life;
  • metal elements of the facade cradle are resistant to corrosion;
  • cable 50 m.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Length, m Load capacity, kg Lifting height, m Number of passengers Movement speed, m / min Weight, kg Control
TDTZLP630650 6 630 50 4 9,5 1700 remote control
TDTZLP6306100 6 630 100 4 9,5 1700 remote control