Column formwork

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Large construction projects cannot do without such architectural elements as columns. Columns can be round, square or rectangular in cross section. There is such a variety of architectural forms as pylons. These are cone-shaped or pyramidal columns, i.e. columns with an inclined surface. In modern construction, you can often find projects that surprise with their originality. Many go away from simple rectangular shapes, adding personality to their design. Now many new buildings - residential buildings, shopping centers, shops - have a colonnade in their architectural plan. They can’t do without columns during the construction of bridges. Modern forms for casting columns are made compatible with panel board, frame formwork, which makes it possible to create semicircular columns or buildings with convex elements.

Columns are built at the construction site without additional delivery costs. The principle of construction is the same as when building the walls of the building. On the cleared prepared area, formwork is installed, into which concrete mixture is poured and strengthened with metal rods.

What types of column formwork are there?

  • finely shield,
  • cardboard
  • round metal
  • beam-crossbar,

Disposable cardboard formwork can be used for casting reinforced concrete columns of circular cross-section. Manufacturers provide the construction market with cardboard formwork of any diameter and any height. After hardening the concrete mass with iron rods, the cardboard formwork of the columns is removed using a cord laid inward when pouring. A rigid cord breaks the cardboard, making it easy to remove formwork. The smooth concrete surface of the column does not require further processing. Some builders prefer not to remove the cardboard formwork and leave it. Subsequently, the cardboard surface can be painted, it is convenient to glue on it, for example, posters or other paper products of an advertising or informational nature.

Reusable steel formwork for erecting round columns is also available. Round metal molds for casting columns make detachable. To ensure the strength of the mold, the formwork is made with stiffeners, which are not located inside the mold, but on the outside to ensure the smoothness of the concrete surface. The halves of the shapes are pulled together with hard locks. This approach ensures the reusability of the formwork and ease of stripping. Metal demountable forms can be increased in height, achieving the required column height.

For a square colonnade, finely shield formwork, beam-girder or plastic, is used. The boundary surface for the first two types is plywood panels, the front side of which is laminated, which greatly facilitates the removal of formwork after concrete has hardened. The supporting function is performed by braces.

In the case of using plastic formwork, a plastic shield is manually drawn up. Both panel board and plastic formwork can be used several times, unlike disposable cardboard formwork.

For large construction, it is advisable to use reusable formwork with shields. For private small-scale construction, it is advantageous to use disposable cardboard formwork of columns.

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