Fiberglass ladders

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For the safe implementation of high-altitude work with electrical equipment, special ladders are needed that do not conduct electrical current. Modern developments allowed finding a way out in the form of a fiberglass ladder. This material has high strength and is also a dielectric, that is, it does not conduct current.

Durable dielectric material allows you to make ladders of various designs, including ladders, retractable two-section or three-section ladders, as well as ladders. Each option has its own advantages, for example, a retractable fiberglass ladder consists of several sections (two or three), while one section is able to move upward by means of special guides. This allows, if necessary, to increase the working height at which electrical installation or repair is required near the passing electrical wiring. Some retractable ladders are equipped with special rollers that slide along the wall, providing easy extension of the section.

Fiberglass ladders are equipped with convenient platforms on which you can place the tool if necessary. At the same time, the design of such a staircase is convenient in that the stepladder can be easily folded, as such it is conveniently stored and transported. For greater safety, the ladders can be made with an overhead guard rail that will allow you to climb and descend with greater comfort, and also provide protection for the person at height.

If the dielectric ladder has steps in two sections, then this makes lifting more convenient for the master. The double-sided fiberglass ladder is characterized by a convenient folding structure, and to ensure stability, the design provides for durable coupling elements. Ladders made of fiberglass, easy to use, convenient for storage and transport to the workplace.

High-quality professional ladders made of fiberglass are designed to operate both indoors and outdoors, which makes such high-rise equipment versatile. Durable reinforced material capable of withstanding significant workloads and serve for a long time. Excellent performance qualities of fiberglass ladders make it possible to use them successfully for electrical installation, repair of various objects located near a voltage source.