Formwork for elevator shafts

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One of the key elements of a multi-storey building is the elevator. The absence of a lifting cabin can turn the lives of residents into real torture. Therefore, in modern new buildings, an elevator, or even not one, is a prerequisite for a residential building, a multi-storey shopping center, a public building, etc.

In order for the elevator to work in the house, first of all, it is necessary to provide the space along which it will go up and down - the elevator shaft. Therefore, for builders, the absolutely necessary equipment is the formwork of elevator shafts. Qualified builders should be involved in the construction of the elevator shaft, as well as in the construction of houses, so that:

  • the required wall thickness (for freight elevators the walls of the shafts are thicker),
  • right angles
  • flat monolithic surface.

The formwork for mines is assembled from shields, like a wall formwork, but in the corners special devices are used - articulated corners, formwork corners or rigid internal corners.

The essence of building an elevator shaft is simplified to ensure that:

  • Provide a solid, level foundation on which the elevator shaft will be built.
  • Mount internal and external circuits.
  • Provide the required wall thickness.
  • Pour the prepared concrete mixture of the required composition.
  • The solidification field to separate the internal and external contours from the concrete wall.
  • Raise the shaft formwork using lifting equipment to the next level.
  • Install the formwork on the top floor, etc.

The formwork of the elevator shaft is formed by internal and external contours, which allow pouring walls of the required thickness. The inner contour is strengthened from the inside with struts, braces or other rigid elements. The external contour also has closed outlines and is equipped with corner elements that provide for wall rotation at 90 degrees.

What are the main types of formwork for elevator shafts?

  • Mine formwork at formwork corners;
  • Articulated shaft formwork;
  • Shaft formwork at hard internal corners.

In the case of construction of a building according to the project, where elevators are needed, and, accordingly, non-standard size elevator shafts, custom formwork is performed (for example, freight elevators or cabins of reduced or increased size).

Shaft formwork at formwork corners

The main difference between this type of formwork for elevator shafts is the presence of a screw spindle, which is used to connect the internal circuit boards. Thanks to the screw mechanism, simple stripping and convenient lagging of the inner shields from the hardened concrete is possible. In this case, the inner circuit does not need to be completely dismantled. The presented type of formwork for elevator shafts makes it possible to erect wells of complex configuration.

Articulated Shaft Formwork

Today, such formwork is the most popular at construction sites. The essence of such formwork is that the boards are selected in strict accordance with the dimensions of the shaft, both for the internal and external contours, and are interconnected using metal hinges. How is the inner contour held? Thanks to installed hard struts. After the concrete has hardened, the spacers are removed, the hinged metal corners are folded, and the panels depart from the newly created wall.

Shaft formwork at hard internal corners

In this way, elevator wells were erected at the beginning of the era of high-rise buildings. The essence of this method is that metal direct panels are fixed to each other with the help of hard locks, and internal panels are strengthened with wooden inserts. For this type of formwork, angular moving elements are not used, this formwork is simple and inexpensive, but involves more complex installation and dismantling in order to obtain the same wall thickness and angles of 90 degrees.

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