Aluminum folding attic stairs VIRASTAR

  • Description

For the upper rooms with access to the attic, the aluminum folding attic stairs VIRASTAR can be used:

  • The aluminum folding attic stairs VIRASTAR consists of three sections;
  • in the construction of the stairs 11 steps;
  • side racks and steps are completely made of aluminum;
  • all metal elements of the ladder are powder-coated;
  • completely corroded metal surface;
  • the ladder is easy to unfold;
  • in an unused position, the ladder is hidden in the box;
  • The design is equipped with a cover that closes the exit to the attic;
  • cover is made with reinforced thermal insulation;
  • the configuration of the lid is a "sandwich";
  • cover thickness 47 mm;
  • the cover on both sides is faced with white fiberboard;
  • The box is sealed on the contour by an effective sealant;
  • height of the box 170 mm;
  • Available hatch dimensions: 60х112 cm, 60х120 cm, 70х120 cm;
  • the maximum load on the ladder is 150 kg;
  • in the complete set the wooden core for opening of a ladder and protective nozzles is delivered;
  • aluminum folding loft VIRASTAR weighs 25 kg;
  • the maximum height of the room is 280 cm.