Aluminum loft ladder VIRASTAR

  • Description

Aluminum loft ladder VIRASTAR is designed for premises located on the top floor:

  • attic staircase is made of anodized steel;
  • steps are painted with black powder paint;
  • coating provides corrosion resistance and attractive appearance of the metal surface;
  • steps are made with an anti-slip relief;
  • The aluminum scissors loft VIRASTAR is made with a wooden box;
  • cover is made with thermal insulation;
  • type of cover - "sandwich";
  • cover thickness 30 mm;
  • insulation with foam plastic;
  • double-sided facing of fiberboard of white color;
  • height of the hatch duct 14 cm;
  • the box is made with a sealant;
  • aluminum scissors attic VIRASTAR suitable for rooms with a height of not more than 290 cm;
  • an increase in height is possible due to additional sections (maximum 2);
  • 1 section increases the height by 25 cm;
  • a wooden rod for opening the ladder;
  • dimensions of the hatch: 60х120 cm, 60х70х cm, 70х100 cm, 70х120 cm.