Hinged two-section ladder VIRASTAR

  • Description

The articulated two-section ladder VIRASTAR is decomposed into a stepladder and in an add-on model:

  • reliable articulated joints ensure the transformation into an extension model;
  • The two-section ladder is laid out in the stepladder;
  • in the folded position, the ladder is compactly stored;
  • Hinges provide a stable position of the ladder in the selected position;
  • For the production of the VIRASTAR articulated ladder, aluminum is chosen;
  • The ladder is not destroyed by corrosion;
  • a small weight of aluminum construction simplifies transportation;
  • horizontal traverse gives more stability;
  • relief embossed lugs do not allow the construction to slide;
  • An aluminum profile with a square cross-section is used for the crossbeams;
  • steps are securely fixed in the sidewalls;
  • On the cross-pieces there is an anti-slip ribbed;
  • sidewalls are made of a special aluminum profile;
  • the design has a significant service life;
  • The VIRASTAR swivel ladder is suitable for work inside and outside the house.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Length of one section, m Stepladder height, m Overall length, m Width, m Weight, kg
K2 2х3 1,12 1,04 2,15 0,41 5,4
K3 2х5 1,62 1,51 3,15 0,41 6,9
K4 2х6 1,95 1,82 3,81 0,41 8,2


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