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Many types of work have to be done not on the ground, but at a certain height. For example, maintenance of lamps, pruning trees, replacement of lighting elements, repair of roofs, bridges, bigboards, and other repair, installation, commissioning and maintenance work. To perform such operations, you can use a ladder or a tower tour, but what if the object is far away or you have to move from place to place? In such cases, it is convenient to use the lifts - mobile, folding up design, which are often equipped with an electric battery. The working platform of the electric lifts extends up along the mast or two masts, or gains height by straightening the scissor elements.

It is more convenient to work on the platform of the lift than on the stairs, because you do not need to hold on, your hands are free to work.

Main types of elevators:

  • Single mast
  • Two-masted
  • Scissor scissors

Scissor lifts are manufactured with a large range of heights - up to 20 m.

High railings enclosing the work site ensure the safety of the working person. Lifts combine the function of a ladder and a vehicle for transportation.

Control of raising and lowering the working platform in all lifts is implemented from a lifting platform, which is very convenient, but control is also provided from the bottom of the unit.

The advantage of the lift is that you do not need to carry the ladder on yourself, and then climb the stairs. The lift is equipped with wheels, making it easier to transport. And the automatic platform will raise you to the desired height.

The elevator does not need a support on the wall, like many stairs, and can be used both in the middle of the street and near the wall of the house.

For long or repetitive work at heights (maintenance of lamps, poles, work under bridges, pruning trees along the route, etc.), the use of lifts is highly advisable.

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