Working platform with double mast VIRASTAR CDP12

  • Description

The working platform with a double mast VIRASTAR CDP12 is characterized by a lifting height of 12 m:

  • the design is equipped with a reliable electric motor;
  • the lift has increased maneuverability;
  • lifting and lowering can be controlled from the working platform;
  • the possibility of ground control is provided;
  • provides protection against overload;
  • the wheels do not stain the coating;
  • mobile lift can be brought exactly to the place of work;
  • working platform with double mast VIRASTAR CDP12 suitable for work inside and outside buildings;
  • electric motor with a power of 0.75-1.5 kW;
  • platform size 145x60 cm;
  • the platform surface has an anti-slip relief;
  • the platform is designed for one or two people;
  • high railing for safe work;
  • additional protection at the knee level;
  • working platform with double mast VIRASTAR CDP12 is compact in addition;
  • the minimum height of the platform is 2.02 m;
  • the platform quickly rises to a working height;
  • 4 height-adjustable stabilizers for stability;
  • stabilizers compactly fold when not in use;
  • hydraulic and electrical systems of high reliability;
  • ultimate load capacity 200 kg;
  • weight 825 kg.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Size of platform, m Height to platform, m Dimensions LxWxH, m Working height, m Engine power, kW Power supply, V Load capacity, kg
TDP10 0,63х0,65 0,58-10,0 1,42х0,8х2,04 12 0,75-1,5 220-240 125
CDP12 1,45х0,6 2,02-12,0 1,79x0,89x2,03 14 0,75-1,5 220-240 200