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Modern manufacturers produce a lot of different types of formwork. Among the many auxiliary building forms, plastic formwork occupies a special place.

What are the basic features of plastic formwork?

  • relatively low cost
  • simple installation of panels without the help of a crane,
  • convenient transportation of lightweight plastic formwork,
  • small dimensions of shields,
  • resistance of building forms to frost,
  • resistance to falls and blows.

Despite the small size of the plastic formwork panels, a formwork system of a sufficiently large area can be created from them. Great experience in the use of plastic formwork at large construction sites has proved this.

What projects can use plastic formwork?

  • for casting columns and pylons from reinforced concrete,
  • for building vertical walls,
  • for laying the foundation,
  • to create horizontal ceilings,
  • for the production of foam block.

Plastic formwork is universal, because with its help it is possible to build both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Small-panel plastic formwork can be easily mounted, rearranged and dismantled. The collapsible design of the plastic formwork system is convenient for the construction of straight walls, corners, foundations of buildings, without involving machines and mechanisms in the construction.

What auxiliary elements are used in conjunction with plastic formwork?

  • plastic keys for assembling shields in a single surface,
  • extractable screeds with nuts when casting walls and columns,
  • outer and inner corners for building walls with a rotation at an angle of 90 degrees,
  • additional metal elements, thanks to which builders move away from sizes that are multiples of the dimensions of the shield,
  • telescopic racks
  • wooden beams for floors,
  • partition walls in the production of foam blocks.

The advantages of plastic formwork

  • The use of plastic formwork is associated with a reduction in labor costs due to the unnecessary use of cranes and other lifting equipment during installation and dismantling.
  • Low cost of boards due to the use of affordable technological material polypropylene.
  • Plastic formwork quickly pays off due to the multi-cycle operation.

What are the properties of the formwork material?

The manufacturer makes small formwork panels from polypropylene because:

  • this material withstands the pressure of the concrete mixture,
  • does not crack at low temperatures,
  • not afraid of bumps and falls that are inevitable on a construction site,
  • lightweight material, and, as a result, formwork convenient in installation and transportation.

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