Ladder with platform VIRASTAR

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The ladder with platform VIRASTAR is designed for professional work:

  • for convenient work a large platform is provided;
  • The upper working platform is made of wood-based material;
  • corrugation platform eliminates slipping;
  • platform thickness of 15 mm;
  • dimensions of the platform 60х50 cm;
  • aluminum handrails along the entire height of the staircase;
  • steps of horizontal orientation for easy lifting / lowering;
  • the relief on the steps does not allow slipping of shoes;
  • steps 8 cm deep;
  • For convenient lifting and descent, a step of 30 cm steps is made;
  • 4 rollers facilitate the transport of the ladder with the platform;
  • the wheels are fitted with stoppers;
  • the ends of the profile sidewalls are provided with plugs;
  • rails of round profile are comfortable for hands;
  • simple installation of ladder with platform VIRASTAR;
  • a great height of the railing makes the climb, descent and work on the site safe;
  • The ladder with platform VIRASTAR is suitable for work in warehouses;
  • high stability of the ladder with the platform;
  • reliable securing of the steps to the side racks;
  • cross-bars of a square profile fix the rear posts;
  • each step is made with an anti-slip relief.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of steps Platform height, m Overall height, m Working height, m Dimensions, m Weight, kg
RD0012-1,5 5 1,5 2,5 3,3 0,65х2,3х0,4 43
RD0012-2,0 7 2,0 3,0 3,8 0,65х2,8х0,4 56
RD0012-2,5 9 2,5 3,5 4,3 0,65х3,3х0,4 68