Ladder with platform VIRASTAR mobile professional

  • Description

The ladder with platform VIRASTAR has a folding structure:

  • a ladder with a platform can be used for professional work;
  • moving and laying the ladder with the platform can 1 person;
  • working platform is made of aluminum;
  • corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy provides a long service to the design;
  • the ladder with the VIRASTAR platform is made of high-strength materials;
  • to move the ladder to the platform, it is enough to tilt it to activate the rollers;
  • the fence railings make the work more secure;
  • the corrugation of the aluminum platform increases the degree of safety and comfort;
  • attached wheels to the rear stanchions;
  • rollers allow you to move the ladder to the right place of work without any extra effort;
  • the ladder with platform VIRASTAR is easily folded by a special central hinge;
  • stability of the ladder is provided by wide stabilizers with non-slip stoppers;
  • on the stage there is an anti-slip ribbed;
  • for convenient lifting from both sides, handrails are provided;
  • reinforcement of stiffening steps;
  • the ladder of the folding structure is conveniently stored;
  • involuntary folding is not allowed with metal fasteners with hinges.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of steps Platform height, m Working height, m Dimensions, cm Weight, kg
KP7 8 2,15 3,95 100х315х32 32
KP9 10 2,65 4,45 117х365х32 37
KP11 12 3,16 4,96 133x416x32 42
KP13 14 3,75 5,55 150x475x32 47