Professional ladder with platform on wheels VIRASTAR

  • Description

Professional ladder with platform on wheels VIRASTAR has a folding structure:

  • VIRASTAR uses aluminum for making professional ladder with platform on wheels;
  • the design is characterized by high stability;
  • Comfortable conditions provide wide steps and a large upper platform;
  • side handrails on both sides of the ladder facilitate lifting and lowering;
  • The staircase is easy to store due to the folding structure;
  • a pair of wheels makes it convenient to move the ladder to the platform;
  • professional staircase with a platform on wheels VIRASTAR is optimal for industrial and intensive office use;
  • on the stage there is an anti-slip relief;
  • Steps are selectively strengthened by stiffeners;
  • steps 10 cm deep;
  • At the ends of the handrails there are safety plugs;
  • the top platform of 42x53 cm has anti-slip corrugation;
  • on a large convenient site you can work for a long time without fatigue;
  • support points with a raised surface provide stability to the ladder;
  • in the working position, the ladder rests on non-slip supports, and when tilted, it can move on rollers;
  • a long service life of the ladder with the platform is provided;
  • hardness of the used aluminum alloy of 65 Brinell units;
  • the maximum permissible load is 150 kg.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of steps Platform height, m Working height, m Dimensions, m Weight, kg
VE2 3 0,75 2,55 74x171x30 14,5
VE3 4 1,00 2,80 76x198x30 17,5
VE4 5 1,25 3,05 79x225x30 18,5