Rigel scaffolding

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Building in the city does not do without such a useful design as the transom scaffolding. These sturdy structures are very reliable - scaffolding made from steel pipes can withstand considerable weight. Unlike other types of scaffolding, the latch structures are made of a more metal-intensive profile, which allows the use of lumber scaffolding in construction, brick laying and other works where it is necessary to lift large volumes of materials used to height.


What are the main advantages of scaffolding scaffolding?

- simple assembly and disassembly;

- high reliability of scaffolding due to durable elements (steel pipes);

- high stability of the structure;

- the largest carrying capacity among scaffolding;

- easy operation;

- the possibility of combining with other building structures.

Among the disadvantages of transom scaffolding should be noted, perhaps, the difficulty of use on complex facades.


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