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At all times, construction and repairs were going on at various sites. Time does not stand still, people are building something new, repairing old buildings and structures. In a very important and difficult construction business, assistive devices providing access to the work site provide great assistance. Convenient metal structures allow you to do work faster and easier, it will tell you everyone who faced with finishing, repair or construction work inside and outside buildings.

In cases where scaffolding is inconvenient to use, experts will advise you to buy scaffolding, which is a simplified version of this large-sized professional design. For confined spaces such as rooms, narrow aisles between buildings, scaffolding is the best solution. Such metal structures are very mobile, easily move from one work area to another, simply mounted and dismantled. Wheels that provide transportability, equipped with brakes that need to be activated when you start to work on the scaffolding. Foot stopper allows one-touch block movement of the structure. Mobile scaffolds do not need to be carried on yourself, like stairs, with just enough effort to move the ancillary structure to a new place of work. In addition, the rollers have a turning mechanism that adds mobility design.

Unlike ladders, construction scaffoldings provide a convenient platform for work, on which you can put used materials and ancillary tools. On a horizontal platform it is convenient to stand, leaning on both legs and holding the handrails. You can climb the platform along the side rails. The small width of the platform allows the scaffolding to pass through the doorways, which is very convenient for the personnel performing the repair of the premises.

VIRASTAR company produces its own range of scaffolding, among which are designs of different heights. You can also buy scaffolding, the side parts of which can be used separately as ladders (multifunctional scaffolding VIRASTAR). Among the presented models are designs with the height of the platform from 1 to 2.8 m. In our online shop window there are scaffoldings made of aluminum and steel, on which the final cost of the product depends. Our qualified and friendly managers will help you decide on the choice of scaffolding.