Mini-scaffold VIRASTAR Moby

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Mini-scaffold VIRASTAR Moby can be used inside and outside buildings:

  • installation of mini scaffolds VIRASTAR MOBI does not cause difficulties;
  • for the assembly does not require a special tool and skills of the staff;
  • The installation uses simple but reliable connections;
  • the scaffolds pass through the doorway;
  • rollers provide convenient transportation of scaffolds to the workplace;
  • wheels are equipped with foot stoppers for safe operation on mini scaffolds;
  • Diagonal ties do not allow twisting of the structure and increase its rigidity;
  • The working platform is made of plywood;
  • The dimensions of the platform are 1.85x0.6 m;
  • The working platform can be installed on each crossbar;
  • it is possible to install scaffolds on a ladder or slope;
  • The platform does not slip beneath your feet due to the rough surface;
  • high rounded handrails ensure work safety;
  • in the platform there is a hatch, through which it is convenient to climb the work platform;
  • There is a lift on the inside of the stairs, which is actual in conditions of limited space;
  • mini scaffold VIRASTAR MOBI withstand load up to 150 kg.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Sizes of flooring, m Height, m Platform height, m Working height, m Work on the flight of stairs Weight, kg
VST180601 0,6х1,85 1,9 1,0 3,0 - 42
VST180602 0,6х1,85 2,8 1,6 3,6 + 57
VST180603 0,6х1,85 3,7 2,5 4,5 + 72