Boiler scaffolding Virastar

  • Description

At industrial sites, in shops, in steam boilers, in thermal power plants (TPPs), as well as at other production facilities, it is optimal to use rack forests for the repair and maintenance of boilers, the domain and other large equipment. The design of inventory forests is both simple and reliable. The heavy parts made of steel are securely fastened together by pins. The used black metal (steel) provides greater strength and stability of the structure. The deflection of parts is excluded, since the material is characterized by great hardness and strength. Steel scaffolds at the expense of great weight stably stand on their own bases.      

The spatial design of inventory scaffolds is mounted inside or outside the boiler furnace from racks, metal decks, crossbars, boards, stairs, locks, etc. Repair, reconstruction, cleaning, maintenance, setting of boilers in thermal power plants and in steam boilers does not take place without the use of racks. They can be installed both inside the boiler, on inclined surfaces, and outside, on a flat floor. In boiler furnaces, inventory forests are installed on farms (furnaces with cold funnels, where the angle of inclination is 15-50 degrees) or on shoes (furnaces with a slightly inclined or horizontal hearth where the inclination angle is less than 15 degrees). Rack forests are securely attached to the walls of the furnace, which excludes the staggering of the structure during operation and ensures the safety of working personnel.      

Typical nodes of forests (this is another name of racks) can become a universal base for scaffolds or forests of non-typical configuration. From the incoming nodes of inventory forests, you can mount a suitable design for each individual case. TUL-1 (typical nodes of forests) are optimal for work in workshops, as well as during the repair of electrical equipment and other large objects, since they allow to create an individual design in accordance with the working space.      

VIRASTAR specializes in the manufacture of all kinds of scaffolding, including pin woods, which are used during the repair of boilers and blast furnaces. Heavy boiler scaffolds are suitable for use during repair of turbines, large mechanisms and machines, power units. Typical nodes of forests represent a spatial framework with pin-like fastening of elements. These structures are installed in the furnaces of different types of boilers during maintenance, lining, repair and cleaning. The main nodes of the boiler forests are racks, stairs, beads, retainers, crossbars, as well as metal decking. From these nodes inside the boiler, scaffolds are installed to perform the required work.      

Rackets are reliable in operation even with a high degree of contamination of the working object, since there are no moving parts in the structure. The installation of typical forest units does not require special qualification of workers, it is produced quickly, including in a limited space.      

The design of boiler scaffolds is installed in accordance with the safety standards for thermal mechanical equipment at TPPs, when the step of racks is more than 1 m, and the load on the working platform is 200 tons / sq. M. m. TUL-1 can be installed on a level solid or on an inclined surface (sloping surfaces in boilers). To use pin woods as productive as possible, it is allowed to change the spatial frame scheme in a rather wide range. Rackets are installed on shoes if the furnaces of boilers have a horizontal or slightly inclined surface (up to 15 degrees). TUL-1 are mounted on the farms, if the furnaces of the cold funnel boilers have a ramp with an angle of 15 to 50 degrees. The exploited designs of the pin-type scaffolds are securely attached to the walls of the boiler furnaces. Supporting risers must be carefully fixed to prevent loosening and ensure the safety of personnel.      

Due to its simple and versatile design, rack rails are in high demand at industrial facilities where large equipment is being repaired or serviced. TUL-1 can be placed on level, inclined or stepped surfaces. There is an opportunity to purchase an individual set of racks with the right number of incoming nodes. Steel inventory forests are sold at an affordable price from the manufacturer.