Frame scaffolding

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Height (to floor): м.
Width (length of structure on the facade): м.
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Basic Elements

Detail Quantity, pcs. Price per piece, UAH. Price, UAH. Weight, kg.
Frame with stairs 2,0 m 0 1301 0 15.58
Feed frame 2.0 m 0 1036 0 13.12
Diagonal communication 3,0 m 0 629 0 5.72
Horizontal communication 3.0 m 0 290 0 2.65
Rigel 3,0 m 0 861 0 8.42
Wooden flooring 1x1 m 0 309 0 16.14
jack-screw 350 mm 0 300 0 2.75
Support (heel) 0 68 0 0.67
Mounting to the wall Ø 42 mm (grip) 0 219 0 1.05
Clamp rotary 0 153 0 1.13
Fencing frame 1,2 m 0 972 0 11.30
Rack guard 1,2 m (L-shaped) 0 410 0 4.9
Total: 0 0
Price per square meter: 0 UAH.

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Frame scaffolding is simply indispensable when it comes to repairing the facade, plastering, finishing or restoration of the outer surface of buildings at a height of up to 40 m. The structures used for this purpose must be fast-built, stable, durable and reliable. All these requirements are met by scaffolding of frame type. Construction companies highly appreciated the advantages of frame scaffolding, so this type is the most popular and popular.

It is easy enough to assemble the frame scaffolding design; for this work, no special tools or installation preparation is required: the scaffolding height is increased using the pipe-to-pipe connection, the racks are held by horizontal and diagonal ties attached to the frames by means of flag locks. Flag connections are highly reliable and, at the same time, significantly speed up installation, allowing you to do without using tools. Having mounted the frames and ties, install crossbars (pipes with hooks) in order to lay the flooring later. Wood flooring does not slip under your feet, allowing staff to gain a stable surface. The relatively small weight of components (in particular, the frame) simplifies installation. The width of the frame provides sufficient passage for staff, and its height allows you to quickly build up the "floors".

Frame scaffolding is used mainly for linear facades, but with the involvement of additional elements (trusses, consoles), you can give them a more complex configuration. Fastening frame scaffolding to the building is carried out using anchors and brackets.

Summarizing the information above, we can single out the following features of frame forests:

simple design with a relatively small number of components;
easy installation due to pipe-to-pipe connections and flag locks;
low weight walk-through and stair frames;
the absence of threaded connections and small parts;
high degree of reliability;
prefabricated construction;
long-term operation;
safety during the work;
acceptable price;
ease of use.