Frame scaffolding lightweight

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In the process of repair, finishing or other work with the facade of the building, staff need a comfortable workplace, which is the scaffolding:

  • if the walls of the building have a simple, direct configuration, the best high-rise construction will be VIRASTAR frame scaffolding;
  • VIRASTAR frame scaffolding are the most sought-after among all types of scaffolding, as they are characterized by small metal capacity, have optimal performance and are sold at an affordable price;
  • simple assembly due to the use of reliable and convenient flagship connections, which allow you to reliably assemble the structure without using a special tool;
  • at installation it is not necessary to twist any carving connections that essentially saves time;
  • quick installation allows you to start to perform the basic work earlier, which will have a positive effect on the delivery date of the facility;
  • frame scaffolding VIRASTAR are installed on adjustable jacks, allowing to level the structure even on uneven terrain;
  • the frames (with a ladder and a passageway) form the basis of the design;
  • on the frames are attached horizontal beams with hooks, on which is laid a wooden flooring, the surface of which does not slip underfoot;
  • The rigidity of the structure is ensured by diagonal and horizontal ties;
  • the height of VIRASTAR frame scaffolding can be increased up to 40 m, depending on the required working height;
  • You can calculate the VIRASTAR frame scaffolding on our online calculator.