Wedge-clamp scaffolding

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Height (to floor): м.
Width (length of structure on the facade): м.
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Without supports
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Basic Elements

Detail Quantity, pcs. Price per piece, UAH. Price, UAH. Weight, kg.
Frame with stairs 2,0 m 0 1604 0 14.88
Farm insurance 3.5 m 0 1871 0 14.46
Support truss 3.5 m 0 1274 0 11.22
Screed 3.5 m 0 1048 0 8.19
Flooring Holder 0 167 0 2.54
Flooring 3,7x0,3 m 0 821 0 26.47
Jack-screw 350 mm 0 293 0 2.75
Support (heel) 0 78 0 0.67
Rack support 0 1194 0 9.55
Diagonal 3.88 m 0 1173 0 9.28
Mounting to the wall Ø 42 mm (grip) 0 127 0 1.05
Clamp rotary 0 1403 0 1.13
Passing frame 2,5 m 0 0 12.58
Total: 0 0
Price per square meter: 0 UAH.

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Wedge-clamp scaffolding - a collapsible high-rise equipment used to perform installation, finishing or repair work. An additional function of using constructions of the type presented is as a carrier of advertising information, banners or dimensional posters. For scaffolding of this type are characterized by small width and low weight.

When you need to repair or finish a complex facade of a building with decorative architectural forms - a colonnade, bay windows, stairs, the wedge-clamp scaffolding is simply indispensable. For buildings with a rounded shape, ancient architectural monuments or modern houses of a non-rectangular shape, the use of wedge-clamp scaffolding for the period of repair, decoration or restoration is the optimal solution. The scaffolding configuration can be easily changed, and the tiers are installed at the optimum height for work due to the use of wedge locks.

In the wedge-clamp scaffolding the largest number of simultaneously used longlines is four. This number of workers "floors" allows you to quickly perform high-altitude work, without sacrificing safety and structural stability. Wedge-clamp scaffolding provide an opportunity to carry out repair, installation or finishing work on each section of the facade, access is immediately available to the entire working surface, which allows high-quality work and significantly reduce the repair period of the facility as a whole.

The fastening elements used for the installation of scaffoldings - clamp and wedge - cause greater freedom to assemble the structure. The wedge locks securely connect the elements of the scaffolding - hammering the wedges until a fixed connection is obtained, you get a solid, stable construction that is quite simple to install. In contrast to the frame scaffolding, used mainly for rectangular facades, wedge-clamp scaffoldings make it possible to go around non-standard details of the facade, to leave free entry into the courtyard, the passage through the arch, the approach to the doors.

In the modern architectural world, along with rectangular shapes, non-standard, rounded or complex facades are popular. If all the buildings of the world were rectangular, the streets would look boring and patterned. But, fortunately, this is not so, and the architects are trying to build original, not similar to each other houses. To service houses of complex shape and used wedge-clamp scaffolding.