Single-section ladders

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Making a small excursion into history, one can see that single-section ladders have long been used by mankind for performing various works related to height. The simple design of single-section ladders consists of two vertical support profiles and transverse crossbars fixed on them. The ladder is put on a wall or other vertical support, thanks to which the equipment is stable even when a person is lifted.

Ladders are easy to use due to their simple design, it is convenient to carry and store them, as ladders of small thickness take up little space. The universal single-section ladder is used in various industries, for example, at construction sites, in repairs, in summer cottages, in horticulture when harvesting fruit, and compact single-section ladders are conveniently used in warehouses, at work or in a private house.

Ladders can be made of steel, aluminum alloy, wood or fiberglass. Metal single-section ladders have a high margin of safety, as the metal is a durable, wear-resistant material that can serve for many years. Aluminum models are lighter than steel, so it’s more convenient to move them from place to place. If metal steps are made with a relief surface, then the legs of a rising person will not slide, which increases the safety of operation. To ensure a solid connection of steps and bearing profiles allows flared. The lower steps are subject to greater wear, so you can meet the stairs with reinforced lower steps, this increases their durability and stability.

If one rung of the stairs is painted red, it indicates that it is not recommended to climb above the indicated level for safety reasons. As for wooden models, they are often used in the private residential sector, in the performance of individual repairs or installation work. One-section fiberglass ladders can be used by electricians, since this material is a dielectric. Lower supports are often equipped with special non-slip support tips, which increase the stability of the ladder when installing it to a vertical support at different tilt angles. The upper edges of the supporting profiles are equipped with plastic plugs to make work at a height comfortable and safe. Practical single-section ladders to buy in Kiev is not difficult, and our online resource will help you to highlight the main issues when choosing a ladder of this type.