Stepladders steel

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Thinking about purchasing reliable and at the same time inexpensive high-altitude equipment, which is useful both for repair and construction work, as well as domestic services, do not lose sight of the steel ladders. These are structures with a sufficiently high strength and stable construction. The steel knots fastening the front and rear sections of the ladder ensure the folding and unfolding of the ladder and also allow it to remain in the working position without fixing it with the strap straps. The configuration of steel ladders is similar to the shape of aluminum ladders:

-grooved working area;
-safety arc;
-tool tray;
-horizontal orientation steps;
-anti-slip terrain on the steps;
-plugs from the ends of the steps;
-anti-slip bearing points;
-reliable sidewall profile.

But, due to the different cost of materials that go to the production of stairs, steel ladders are cheaper than analogs of aluminum alloys. At the same time, the maximum permissible load for which steel models are designed is comparable to the level of loading of aluminum high-altitude equipment.

Step-ladders are made of steel, which are successfully used at home and in the workplace, at construction sites and at repair facilities, so high-altitude equipment can have its own original elements. Household step-ladders from steel can be equipped with rubber antiskid slips on steps and a soft arch of safety. And professional models for convenient use by the working personnel will equip with the top shelf for the tool made of plastic.

In order to avoid corrosion of steel under the influence of atmospheric influences, a protective coating is applied to the surface of the products - zinc or paint and varnish. High-rise equipment with a protective coating has an aesthetic and attractive appearance.

The practicality of steel ladders and ladders is confirmed by a long-term history of operation. Somewhat heavier than their aluminum counterparts, steel ladders stand steadily on both slippery and rough surfaces. You can, without any doubt about the carrying capacity of the ladder, climb the steel ladder, taking with you a container of paint or other tools. The robust steel structure of the ladder provides a significant margin of safety.