Stepladders wooden

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Wooden stepladders began to be used for many generations back, but so far they have not lost their relevance. The step-ladder made of a tree has a number of advantages. First of all, the dielectric properties of wood can be noted; therefore, this type of lifting equipment is popular with electricians. Wooden stepladder allows you to safely perform electrical work at height, as the tree is not a conductor of electric current. In addition, the ladders, including wooden, comfortable with its folding design, so they are easy to store and in the home, and in stock. Also, small wooden step-ladders can become an original and stylish addition to the interior in a country house or apartment, where wood is used as a finishing material. Some models are both practical bench and a means to climb to a height. A low wooden stepladder is perfect for use as a stand for flowers.

In our online store, there are wooden step-ladders with one-sided and two-sided lifting. Double-sided wooden models are characterized by convenient and fast lifting, while the advantages of one-sided ladders are the ability to fit close to the wall and use a minimum of space.

The model from a tree is successfully applied in electric installation, garden works, in life and on production. For harvesting fruits, you can purchase a high light wooden stepladder, which is conveniently located on a dirt surface and does not slip. Special stilts, made of wood, are convenient when performing repairs indoors or when carrying out installation work on the ceiling.

For the manufacture of wooden stepladders use solid varieties of wood, so that the product serves for a long time without losing its original appearance. After work, the step ladder is quickly and easily folded, which is due to the solid metal hinge. Safe work is ensured by clamping straps or belts made of metal, textile or wood. Coupling elements prevent folding of a design at the person's ascent. Folding stepladders are made with a different number of steps, which should be considered if you are planning to buy a wooden stepladder.