Double-sided aluminum ladder VIRASTAR Olympos

  • Description

Two-sided aluminum ladder VIRASTAR Olympos allows you to comfortably climb the height from two opposite sides:

  • for the production of a strong and light construction, an aluminum-based alloy was used;
  • the possibility of lifting from both sides is provided;
  • double-sided stepladder is great for use in the office, at the workplace, at home;
  • the creation on the steps of the grooved surface is convenient for the feet, since slippage is excluded;
  • safety plugs are installed from the ends of each stage;
  • Deep steps allow you to stably put your foot, which greatly facilitates the ascent;
  • thanks to metal ties, folding of the ladders is excluded;
  • The ends of the sidewalls are provided with anti-slip stubs, which prevents scratching the floor;
  • The two upper stages constitute a working platform, convenient for work;
  • Steel rivets tell the two-way ladder necessary strength;
  • folding design makes it possible to compactly store a stepladder, carry or transport on a machine;
  • use of aluminum alloy causes corrosion resistance and long-term operation;
  • steps with a depth of 7.5 cm;
  • step steps 21.5 cm;
  • the maximum load is 150 kg.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Stepladder height, m Working height, m Transport dimensions, cm Weight, kg
OL2 2х2 0,39 2,19 35х44х18 1,70
OL3 2х3 0,61 2,41 38,5x68x18 2,41
OL4 2х4 0,88 2,68 47x97,5x18 2,68
OL5 2х5 1,15 2,95 50x120,5x18 2,95
OL6 2х6 1,32 3,12  53x144,5x18 3,12
OL7 2х7 1,45 3,30 54x160x18 3,30