One-sided stepladder VIRASTAR Bergama

  • Description

Aluminum single-sided stepladder VIRASTAR Bergama is suitable for domestic use:

  • convenient one-sided lifting;
  • greater depth of steps;
  • surface corrugation for easy climbing and descent;
  • end caps for safe operation;
  • high-quality strong connection of the bearing beams and steps;
  • anti-slip tips on the bases of the ladder;
  • the top platform in the size 26x24 sm with a non-sliding riffled surface;
  • A high safety arc allows you to comfortably hold while performing work at height;
  • Steel durable rivets ensure the reliability of the design;
  • The ladder expands downwards, due to which it has high stability;
  • Aluminum alloy does not rust and ensures the longevity of the ladder;
  • stepladder easily folds and at the expense of a small weight is conveniently transferred;
  • The folded ladder is very compact and occupies a minimum of space;
  • steps 8 cm deep;
  • the maximum load is 150 kg.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Platform height, m Stepladder height, m Working height, m Dimensions, cm Weight, kg
BG2 3 0,61 1,30 2,4 41х130х11,5 3,5
BG3 4 0,83 1,54 2,6 44х154х11,5 4,0
BG4 5 1,06 1,77 2,9 46х177х11,5 5,0
BG5 6 1,27 2,00 3,1 49х200х11,5 5,5
BG6 7 1,49 2,24 3,3 52х224х11,5 8,5