Garden stepladder VIRASTAR

  • Description

Professional garden stepladder VIRASTAR completely aluminum, equipped with pointed supports:

  • a stable ladder with a rear support pillar is effectively used in the agricultural sector, extended bottom down increases the stability of the ladder;
  • for operation on the ground, steep legs are provided in the structure of the staircase;
  • simplifying access to the branches, the VIRASTAR garden ladder is not very wide;
  • the flexible coupling element prevents the folding of the ladder;
  • a high-strength material is used for the production of the strap;
  • used in the production of aluminum alloy provides a low weight of the garden ladder;
  • the ladder material does not rust over time;
  • the ladder can be folded and stored conveniently;
  • the rear support post is securely attached to the front section of the ladder;
  • thanks to the support stand, the ladder does not rest on the branches of the trees and does not damage them;
  • crossbeams are made of a round profile, have a corrugated surface;
  • the relief of the crossbeams does not allow slipping of shoes;
  • the side supports are firmly connected to the crossbeams;
  • garden stepladder VIRASTAR finds its use in pruning the garden, at the time of harvesting fruit, etc .;
  • the upper ends of the sidewalls are covered with safety plugs;
  • garden ladder has a long service life.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Length, m Working height, m Width, m Weight, kg
BM30 12 3,0 4,0 0,75 12
BM35 14 3,5 4,5 0,75 14
BM40 16 4,0 5,0 0,75 16
BM45 18 4,5 5,5 0,75 18