One-sided stepladder VIRASTAR PYRAMID

  • Description

VIRASTAR PYRAMID household stepladder is made with wide steps and has a folding structure:

  • The ladder is ideal for household use;
  • wide steps of steel are convenient for lifting;
  • corrugated plastic rugs on the steps do not allow the legs to slip;
  • stepladder simply transported in folded form;
  • convenient storage of a compact folded ladder;
  • anti-slip tips at the ends of the sidewalls provide stability;
  • high reliability of the step-side connections;
  • when climbing to the work platform it is convenient to hold on to the semicircular handrail;
  • The arc safety is made of soft material for greater comfort in use;
  • convenient rounded shape of the handrail;
  • thanks to the handrail, the safety level is raised when working on the elevation;
  • The steel frame provides the stability of the ladder;
  • The deep relief of the steps is convenient for work;
  • the rigidity of the rear section is reinforced by diagonal ties;
  • to resist corrosion, the steel elements are painted;
  • The spontaneous unfolding is excluded due to the special design of fasteners;
  • distance between the steps of 24 cm is convenient for lifting;
  • the step area is 26x38 cm.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of steps Platform height, m Length, m Working height, m Width, m Weight, kg
WR2061 2 0,48 0,98 2,28 0,45 5,3
WR2062 3 0,72 1,38 2,52 0,45 6,5
WR2462 4 0,96 1,57 2,76 0,45 8,8