Swivel ladders

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In everyday life, not associated with a professional climb to the height, the stairs are not in demand too often. But then, when they become necessary, nothing can replace them. Therefore, when there is a ladder in the house, you can be sure that any task related to performing actions at height will be successfully solved.

For small rooms, offices, apartments and private houses one of the best solutions are folding articulated stairs. These models can reach 4-6 meters in height in the unfolded form, but at the same time maintain ultra-compact dimensions when all sections are folded. If you keep an ordinary ladder or ladder unacceptable for you because of the large size, the hinged ladders are able to solve this difficulty. The four sections of the articulated ladder fold up like an accordion, so that the product can reach only 1 m in height when folded. Such a ladder you will find exactly where to put it.

But the main advantage of the articulated ladders is not this! And the fact that these structures can be transformed and take on different configurations: a ladder, a platform, step-ladders. You can not think about purchasing different types of stairs, and only buy a hinged ladder, folding in several positions. If you have to work at a high altitude, for example, repair the roof, spread out the hinged ladder completely. If indoor work is planned, activate the position of the ladder. For repair work it is convenient to use the hinged ladder in the “platform” position. Compactly folded hinged ladders can easily be placed in the trunk of a car, so if you have to work away, you just can't do without a hinged ladder!

We can buy articulated ladders with four or two sections, depending on the required height. All ladders are equipped with durable hinged joints that fix the selected position of the ladder. Swivel ladders are laid out at the angle you need, providing the most convenient configuration for work. Exhibited on our online storefront models are provided with horizontal stabilizers that serve for greater stability. You can buy the hinged ladders from us calculated on operation both in rooms, and outside. Each model is provided with a warranty from the manufacturer.
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