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The world is impossible without progress, the creation of a new, the improvement of the old. At all times, new buildings and structures were erected, and people used various means, technologically advanced to the best of the overall progress of their time, to rise to a height. Today, to perform such work at heights as repair, installation, construction, decoration, restoration, washing, etc., they use metal durable structures, the most mobile of which are towers.

High, but rather compact in size, the tower tour is used for local work at height, as well as in conditions of limited space. If work is planned outside and inside buildings, equipment is better than tower tours, simply not to be found. Occupying a small area, the structures will be useful near the house, inside a large room, in open space. Almost all towers-tours are equipped with wheels so that you can move the working structure exactly to the place of operation. Due to the fact that the swivel mechanism is provided in the rollers, the towers get the necessary maneuverability and can go not only in a straight line, but also turn. Convenient foot stoppers allow you to fix the tower-tour without movement, to ensure the safety of personnel working at height.

Unlike ladders, working on a tower tour is much more convenient, because the structure has a large platform where staff can stand, walk, place tools and other materials. There is also other high-altitude equipment, using which, it is possible to carry out conveniently repair and installation work - scaffolding, but these structures cannot be moved. So, the tower tour is simply indispensable if you want:

- carry out repair and installation work outside and inside the building;
- expect to frequently change the work area;
- doing work in a limited space.

For the production of towers, tour mainly use metal - aluminum alloys or steel. Unlike aluminum models, steel tower towers are characterized by more affordable cost, while not losing in strength and stability. Steel structures are painted to avoid corrosion and to extend the service life. The steel towers have high stability, durability and withstand considerable loads. For convenient work of the staff, a large working platform with a handrail of the fence is provided, safe ascent and descent along the side stairs, the ability to quickly move to a new object.