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The tower-tour VIRASTAR Compact-M (0,8х1,7 m) is convenient to use inside the building and outside for performing assembly, repair and construction works:

  • the difference of the towers Compact-M from the Compact series in a lightweight base and the absence of jacks, which increases the mobility of the tower;
  • assembling and disassembling of the tower is carried out without tools;
  • installation of tower-tours does not require special readiness of workers;
  • the duration of installation and dismantling is minimal;
  • reliable rollers ensure the movement of the tower-tours to the place of work;
  • rollers have brakes, thereby increasing the safety of work on the tower-tour VIRASTAR Compact-M (0,8х1,7 m);
  • you can increase the height of the tower-tours in 1.2 m increments;
  • the working platform is made of waterproof plywood;
  • the tower can also be operated in wet weather;
  • the dimensions of the flooring are 0,8х1,7 m;
  • the working platform assumes a convenient placement of personnel with material and tools;
  • a tower with a working height of 7.1 m or more must be used with stabilizers that are sold separately;
  • high reliability, stability and load-carrying capacity of VIRASTAR Compact-M (0,8х1,7 m) are provided.


Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of intermediate sections Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Working height, m Tower height, m Weight, kg
VST170811L 1+1 0,8х1,7 1,6 3,5 2,6 90
VST170821L 2+1 0,8х1,7 2,8 4,7 3,8 113
VST170831L 3+1 0,8х1,7 4,0 5,9 5,0 136
VST170841L 4+1 0,8х1,7 5,2 7,1 6,2 181
VST170851L 5+1 0,8х1,7 6,4 8,3 7,4 200