Aluminum mobile tower VIRASTAR

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Aluminum mobile tower VIRASTAR (0,45x1,55 m) has a platform with a hatch for convenient lifting:

  • for manufacturing, a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy was used;
  • guard rails ensure the safety of work;
  • rollers allow to transport the assembled tower;
  • there are brakes on wheels;
  • The structure made of aluminum is strong and light;
  • erection of the VIRASTAR tower (0.45x1.55 m) does not require much effort and time;
  • Practical bolts with ergonomic bakelite handles will speed up the assembly process;
  • Increasing the rigidity of the structure and preventing twisting is provided by diagonal ties;
  • comfortable lifting on profiled rails;
  • corrugation of the crossbeams on four sides prevents slipping of the legs;
  • crossbeams are made of aluminum square profile;
  • the working platform in the sizes 1,55x0,45 m is convenient for accommodation of the personnel;
  • fastening of sidewalls and crossbeams is carried out by expansion method;
  • The VIRASTAR tower (0.45x1.55 m) is used in exhibition and sports halls, at gas stations, etc .;
  • in the working deck there is a hatch;
  • The working platform with an anti-slip surface is conveniently mounted by means of closing hooks.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Height, m Working height, m Weight, kg
ST0020 8 0,45х1,55 1,3 2,5 3,1 45
ST0025 10 0,45х1,55 1,9 3,0 3,6 48
ST0030 11 0,45х1,55 2,2 3,3 4,0 50
ST0035 12 0,45х1,55 2,7 3,8 4,5 54
ST0040 15 0,45х1,55 3,2 4,4 5,0 61