Aluminum modular tower VIRASTAR

  • Description

The modular tower VIRASTAR (0,6x1,55 m) made of aluminum is designed for construction, installation, painting works:

  • the tower is made of aluminum alloy;
  • maximum permissible load up to 250 kg;
  • the mounted tower can easily be moved to the work place thanks to rollers;
  • wheels are equipped with a brake mechanism;
  • flooring thickness of 15 mm is made with an anti-slip net surface;
  • the working platform is made with a hatch that facilitates lifting to the tower;
  • pull-out stabilizers with unscrewed support pillars increase the stability of the tower;
  • lifting jacks with comfortable handles;
  • the modular tower VIRASTAR (0.6x1.55 m) is easy to assemble;
  • lifting is carried out on the crossbeams with a relief that prevents slipping;
  • the crossbeams are made of a square aluminum profile 30x30 mm;
  • the screeds are fixed with bolts with ergonomic bakelite handles;
  • the platform is quickly mounted and fixed using special fasteners;
  • hardness of the used aluminum alloy of 65 Brinell units;
  • section of aluminum profiles: 75x25 mm and 100x25 mm;
  • the modular tower VIRASTAR (0.6x1.55 m) is used in warehouses, shops, gas stations, etc.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Number of steps Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Height, m Working height, m Weight, kg
SM460 2х7 0,6х1,55 2,95 4,16 4,75 85
SM640 3х7 0,6х1,55 4,91 6,14 6,71 95