Aluminum tower VIRASTAR Pro Tube F

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The aluminum tower VIRASTAR Pro Tube has a compact folding structure:

  • The tower-tour can be quickly folded;
  • the construction is made of aluminum;
  • in the folded position of the tower-tour takes up a minimum of space;
  • folding design is convenient and easy to assemble;
  • The tower VIRASTAR Pro Tube is easy to use;
  • Quick installation and folding save working time;
  • The tower-tour passes through the doorways;
  • using a mobile tower-tour, you can comfortably perform work in the room when moving from room to room;
  • adjustable platform height;
  • The aluminum alloy used ensures the ease of construction;
  • Aluminum tower VIRASTAR Pro Tube has a large margin of safety;
  • the design is weatherproof;
  • Transport rollers provide the convenience of moving;
  • wheels are cut for easy movement;
  • secure connection of cross-bars with sidewalls;
  • The distance between the bars is convenient for lifting;
  • the size of the flooring is 0.6 x 1.8 m;
  • A large working platform makes it convenient to accommodate personnel with a tool;
  • anti-slip flooring underfoot makes the job safe;
  • The hatch in the deck provides convenient climbing and lifting of the rigging;
  • The tower has a long service life.

Article Buy on STREMYANKA.UA  Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Tower height, m Working height, m
ProTUBE F90 0,6x1,8 0,90 1,95 2,80
ProTUBE F180 0,6x1,8 1,85 3,06 3,64
ProTUBE F360 0,6x1,8 3,65 4,85 5,45