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The aluminum telescopic tower VIRASTAR TELESAFE XL is made with an increased platform width:

  • The tower is made with two modules;
  • easy height adjustment of the working platform;
  • The tower is made with an aluminum structure and a steel support base;
  • Horizontal and diagonal connections are made of metal pipes;
  • Screeds are used to increase the rigidity of the structure;
  • the effective system of blocking Q-Lock is realized;
  • installation of tower-tours does not require a lot of time;
  • telescopic tower VIRASTAR TELESAFE XL is made of an aluminum profile of 75x25 mm;
  • cross-section 30x30 mm;
  • steps grooved to avoid slipping;
  • The height of the working platform and the tower are regulated every 28 cm;
  • the extension of sections is carried out by means of a cable;
  • The reliable system with a pulley and a rope is involved;
  • railings of 100 cm high ensure safe operation;
  • the dimensions of the working platform are 155x60 cm;
  • for convenient and safe lifting in the deck there is a hatch;
  • The surface of the floor does not slip underfoot;
  • the material of the platform is resistant to external atmospheric influences;
  • Working decking is made of plywood with a thickness of 15 mm;
  • maximum permissible load 250 kg;
  • additional horizontal staples and a guard rail for telescopic tower VIRASTAR TELESAFE XL are purchased separately.

Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of steps Height, m Platform dimensions, cm Platform height, m Working height, m Base area, cm
 S004_XLN 2х8 2,5-3,9  155х60 2,75 4,55  125-215х210
 S005_XLN 2х10  3,05-4,95   155х60 3,83  5,63   125-215х210
 S006_XLN 2х11  3,34-5,54   155х60 4,42  6,22   125-215х210
 S007_XLN 2х13  3,87-6,35   155х60 5,23  7,03   145-235х210
 S008_XLN 2х15 4,41-7,17  155х60 6,05 7,85   145-235х215