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Tower VIRASTAR FORWARD (0.55x2.0 m) is designed specifically for work in narrow places:

  • installation of tower tours is carried out without tools;
  • knots are fastened with flag locks;
  • frames are installed horizontally using the «pipe-to-pipe» method;
  • each element of the tower tour is painted in its own color, which simplifies installation;
  • assembly of tower tours can be performed by two workers;
  • tower VIRASTAR FORWARD (0.55x2.0 m) is suitable for construction and repair work;
  • the base of the tower tour is equipped with wheels and jacks;
  • on request, additional equipment with stabilizers is possible;
  • access to the working platform is carried out through the hatch;
  • the working platform has fence boards so that the tool does not fall from a height;
  • the flooring of the tower VIRASTAR "FORWARD" (0.55x2.0 m) is made on a steel frame;
  • the flooring surface is made of plywood, has an anti-slip surface;
  • the assembled tower can be conveniently rolled to the place of use;
  • before climbing the tower, block the wheels with a foot brake;
  • material of manufacture steel;
  • all units are powder coated for corrosion protection;
  • the manufacturer ensures compliance with the standards DSTU B V.2.8-39:2011, DSTU B V.2.8-44:2011;
  • load limit 200 kg;
  • produced in Ukraine;
  • warranty period 12 months.


Article  Buy on STREMYANKA.UA Number of intermediate sections Sizes of flooring, m Platform height, m Working height, m Tower height, m Weight, kg
VSTF205511 1+1 0,55х2,0 1,6 3,5 2,6 90
VSTF205521 2+1 0,55х2,0 2,8 4,7 3,8 113
VSTF205531 3+1 0,55х2,0 4,0 5,9 5,0 136
VSTF205541 4+1 0,55х2,0 5,2 7,1 6,2 181
VSTF205551 5+1 0,55х2,0 6,4 8,3 7,4 200