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The tower VIRASTAR PROFITECH is made with an aluminum deck frame:

  • the main units of the tower-tours are steel;
  • powder coating is used to avoid corrosion;
  • the flooring is installed on an aluminum profile frame;
  • catches of the platform are provided, which exclude the breakdown of the flooring from the wind;
  • the flooring is installed on the rungs of the ladder racks;
  • working platform area 1.35x2 m;
  • the flooring surface is moisture resistant, anti-slip;
  • 2 decks are required to create a working platform;
  • a closing hatch is provided for climbing the platform;
  • the hatch latch allows you to conveniently transport and mount the flooring, without accidental opening;
  • the rungs of the side ladders are spaced 28 cm apart (according to the European standard EN1004);
  • installation of the VIRASTAR PROFITECH tour tower is carried out without tools;
  • flag locks provide simple and reliable fastening of nodes;
  • own color of the tower-tour parts simplifies assembly;
  • the tower-tour VIRASTAR PROFITECH is equipped with 4 wheels;
  • the foot brake of the wheels blocks the movement and allows you to work safely;
  • the mobile scaffold tower has the mobility that stationary scaffolding lacks;
  • made in Ukraine;
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty.