Two-section ladder

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To climb a man, a person always needed some aid. The oldest assistants of people in the difficult task of conquering heights have always been the stairs. Made of various materials, having a different design, the stairs have always been and remain the most reliable devices for lifting.

One of the types of stairs are two-section stairs. The design consists of two halves - sections, in which, as a rule, the same number of steps. A two-section staircase is often indicated as follows - 2x8 or 2x12 (this means that the staircase has two sections, each with 8 or 12 steps).

Before you buy a two-section ladder, you should decide on the maximum working height on which you will use the structure. The ceiling height must be greater than the length of one section of the ladder. All important parameters you can see in the table of comparative characteristics, which are presented after the description of each model.

On our online storefront are 2-section stairs with different designs. Here you will find the added models, which are moving upwards, and folding, capable to take the form of step-ladders and to move forward upwards. The constructions with a cable that can be pulled out simply by “pulling the rope” are especially convenient.

If work is to be done in the middle of the room, and the ladder will be installed without focusing on the wall, then the perfect solution would be a two-part stepladder equipped with horizontal stabilizers for greater stability. Stabilizers with rubber support tips provide a stable position of the ladder. The same grooved plugs are installed at each end of the sidewall, so the ladder will stand securely, either on the wall or standing in the middle of the room.

Taking care of the safety of people climbing high, VIRASTAR, a manufacturer of high-altitude equipment, provided its models with a red step, which indicates that it is not safe to climb higher. All models of its own production company VIRASTAR sells without additional markup intermediaries. You can order two-section stairs cues or any other locality of Ukraine. The prices for VIRASTAR ladders are very democratic, since you are dealing with a direct manufacturer of ladders and other high-altitude equipment in Ukraine. We are always happy to provide you with detailed advice on the choice of means of access to a height.