Vertical formwork (Shield)

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Monolithic construction is impossible without the rapid erection of walls using shields of vertical formwork. A building using panel formwork is being built much faster than a brick building. It is much more profitable to cast concrete walls directly at the facility than to transport, for example, finished panels from the factory, from another city, when the panel unit may be mechanically damaged during transportation.

Vertical formwork allows you to cast concrete walls conveniently and profitably, because:

  • You can set any wall thickness,
  • any height is possible, both large for workshops and warehouses, and small for budget rooms,
  • any geometry is acceptable.

Modern construction companies have long appreciated the benefits of panel formwork and use it to the full to erect the following elements:

  • walls of buildings
  • columns
  • foundation
  • elevator shafts,
  • pylons
  • vertical concrete surfaces.

The main nodes of the vertical (panel) formwork are:

  • heavy, medium and light series shields,
  • external angles
  • internal angles
  • stripping angles
  • articulated angles.

Among the nodes of vertical formwork, both structural forms for pouring concrete and nodes for dismantling the formwork, without which it is problematic to separate the formwork from hardened concrete surfaces, are important elements. For this purpose, formwork angles are used, the design of which makes it possible to conveniently distance the formwork elements from the erected wall.

Shield formwork is divided into series:

  • heavy
  • average
  • easy.

This separation is based on the ultimate pressure of the concrete mixture, which can withstand boards made on a steel frame with laminated plywood panels. For heavy series shields this value is about 80 kN / m2, for the middle series - about 60 kN / m2, for light series shields - 40 kN / m2.

At the same time, the deflection of the shields is also controlled. Deviation from the vertical initial position should not exceed, as a rule, 2.6 mm.

Heavy shields of vertical formwork are transported using a crane. For this purpose, special devices are used - crane loops.

Frame formwork is designed for multi-cycle operation. In some cases, during the wear of plywood sheets after intensive use of panels, it is possible to replace laminated panels with new ones. The flat, flat surface of the vertical formwork panels provides a smooth cast concrete surface. Thanks to a special coating - lamination - plywood panels easily move away from the frozen newly formed concrete surface. The thickness of plywood sheets is within 2-3 cm, which provides resistance to pressure of the concrete mass.

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