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The manufacturer of high-altitude equipment № 1 in Ukraine


Are you looking for high-rise equipment to perform repairs, surface finishes, restoration or to finish construction? Then you got to the address! VIRASTAR is one of the leading manufacturers of high-rise equipment in Ukraine. We provide a large assortment of ladders of all possible configurations, tower towers, ladders, scaffolding, scaffolding and ladders at the best prices. You can choose goods in a warehouse or order it with delivery to Kiev or any other locality of Ukraine. With us you can buy high-rise equipment necessary for construction or repair at the price of the manufacturer.

    Without such important construction equipment as stairs, ladders, mobile scaffolding, scaffolding, not a single repair or construction. High-quality access devices for height allow you to quickly and safely perform work at a distance from the ground, observing safety precautions and deadlines. Therefore, for assembly and repair, finishing, construction work it is necessary to acquire reliable, functional, modern construction equipment. Our qualified, friendly managers who know all about high-altitude equipment will help you to understand the large range of means of access to height. Approaching with great attention to each customer, they delve into the situation of each, give the best advice and help in choosing equipment for construction.

    On the show-window of our online store, products of production VIRASTAR are presented - one-, two-, three-section ladders, steel and metal ladders, articulated and telescopic ladders, towers-tours, ladders, scaffolding and scaffolding. Given the trends in demand, we produce both professional models and ladders for domestic use. Being engaged in the release of high-altitude equipment since 2007, we have gained the necessary production experience. VIRASTAR company has its own production base with sufficient technical equipment, which employs highly qualified personnel. The use of high-quality materials, tight control of products at the output allows us to create competitive samples of high-altitude equipment. We implement an affordable pricing policy for every customer, thanks to which VIRASTAR stairs are in demand in the market.

    The online store of construction equipment offers not only metal models, you can buy wooden step-ladders Virastar, which are simply indispensable for professional electricians, and also popular with installers and painters. Wooden stilts provide one additional advantage that other models do not have - on stilts you can work without getting down to the ground, safely moving to the next working section.

    For work on a complex object, where bulky high-rise equipment does not turn around, it is convenient to use the VIRASTAR Compact tower, which has a working platform area of ​​only 0.8 x 1.7 m. A large professional tower VIRASTAR Profi with a platform 1.2 x 2.0 m provides workplace for several people.

    Being in any settlement of Ukraine, you can by one click buy a ladder or other high-altitude equipment. Cooperating with the most reliable delivery services, we will send you the ordered equipment for construction in the shortest possible time. Virastar construction equipment is sold without retail margins at the best price.