People began to rise to a certain height to perform the necessary actions for a very long time. The first stairs were made of natural materials - trees, weaving plants, hollowed out in the ground or in rocks. But gradually, technical progress made the stairs more mobile and comfortable, new types and varieties of stairs appeared. Modern stairs are easy to carry, install and even fold.

In order to decide which ladders to buy cues, it is necessary, first of all, to decide on their intended use. There are many professional ladders that are used mainly in their industry. For electricians produced models of fiberglass and other materials that do not conduct electrical current. For access to the attic it is most convenient to use folding wooden and metal stairs that are hidden in the box when not needed. For work in the garden, special models with pins in the bases have been developed, which allow the structure to be stably mounted on the ground.

If you decide to buy a ladder to give, one of the most practical options may be a single-ladder, with which you can get to the attic or do pruning trees. For those who want to buy a staircase to the house of cues, we offer versatile hinge models that are compact when folded, which transform into several modifications. The configurations of the stairs are the most diverse - from simple single-section auxiliary to four-section articulated ladders. Telescopic models have also been developed that can increase their height. Having decided on the expected working height and the number of steps, you can choose a suitable ladder. Not the last criterion when choosing a ladder is the material from which it is made. According to the type of materials used, aluminum ladders, steel, wood, fiberglass and others are distinguished.

After reviewing the maximum load, dimensions and working height of a particular model, you can carefully and deliberately buy a ladder in Kiev or another settlement. All technical parameters are presented in comparative tables of characteristics that are after a complete description of the model.

So that you can buy single-section, two-, three- or 4-sectional ladders at the best price, we offer you models of our own production. Possessing a well-equipped production and technical base and a strict control system, we produce ladders that comply with quality certificates designed for a long service life.

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