Formwork stand VIRASTAR 3 m
1 414 грн 1 484 грн

The VIRASTAR formwork prop 3 m has a maximum unfolded height of 3 m.

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Tripod for VIRASTAR formwork
607 грн 668 грн

Tripod for VIRASTAR formwork stand made of steel 1.5 mm thick, pipe Ø 25 mm.

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Universal fork for formwork VIRASTAR
183 грн 192 грн

Unifork for formwork VIRASTAR made of 4 mm thick steel. Weight 1.9 kg.

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Formwork stand VIRASTAR 4.5 m
2 185 грн 2 294 грн

The VIRASTAR formwork prop 4.5 m has a maximum unfolded height of 4.5 m.

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Formwork stand VIRASTAR 4 m
1 802 грн 1 892 грн

The VIRASTAR formwork prop 4 m has a maximum unfolded height of 4 m.

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Formwork stand VIRASTAR 3.5 m
1 596 грн 1 675 грн

The VIRASTAR formwork prop 3.5 m has a maximum unfolded height of 3.5 m.

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Reinforced tripod for formwork prop VIRASTAR
897 грн 941 грн

The VIRASTAR reinforced tripod is made of steel. Reinforced design.

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At the construction site, you can not do without the required type of formwork - horizontal, or, as it is also called, formwork floors. This type of formwork allows you to create horizontal concrete floors between floors. Horizontal formwork can be used many times. For modern high-rise buildings without such construction devices, there’s no place to go.

What elements belong to horizontal formwork?

  • formwork racks,
  • beams
  • formwork panels.

Of these elements, builders create an auxiliary structure for pouring horizontal slabs.

In turn, formwork racks are assembled from standard elements:

  • crown or univilka,
  • directly the formwork stand (rod), often with telescopic extension,
  • tripod,
  • support head, which has a simpler shape than a univilka.

At the joints of the beams are placed racks with univils, which can immediately support the longitudinal and transverse beams. And the middle of the beam is supported by a stand with a supporting head.

Each of the elements of the rack is made of steel, because for the supporting structures, which are the formwork racks, a sufficiently large strength is required, because these nodes have to take on the whole burden of the concrete floor. The surface of the formwork elements is usually painted with a paint and varnish material to protect against metal corrosion and, consequently, increase the service life of the structure.

Beams that fit into the heads / crowns of the uprights are made of I-beams. The length of the beams can be different. Many manufacturers are ready to make the length of the beam to order.

Using horizontal formwork, it is possible to fill concrete floors between floors, thus forming ceilings and floors of rooms.

The principle of installing horizontal formwork:

  • placement of formwork racks,
  • reinforcing racks with tripods,
  • laying beams in the longitudinal and transverse directions,
  • laying over beams of boards or plates,
  • pouring reinforced concrete floors.

Formwork panels are made of plywood with a special coating for easy separation of the mold from the concrete monolith. Plywood panels (boards) are much lighter than metal ones, and are also designed for reusable use. On our website you can order formwork with three-layer plates 21 mm thick 2.5 x 1.25 m in size.

Formwork stands are reinforced and of the usual type. Reinforced racks can withstand a large mass of concrete and allow pouring a thicker concrete floor.

There is a certain rule for the placement of formwork racks - at a distance of no more than 1.5 m. The closer the racks are to each other, the greater the load they can withstand. Manufacturers make racks with a load limit of 2 tons.

Tripods are used to increase the stability of the racks. Not every rack is equipped with tripods, but, as a rule, through one. Like formwork racks, tripods are also reinforced. A reinforced stance should be combined with a reinforced tripod.

If necessary, you can buy racks for horizontal formwork with a height of 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 m. The choice of racks of a certain length is determined by the height of the ceiling. Racks are often telescopic. Therefore, even with racks of the same size, it is possible to control the height of the floor.

On our site, a wide assortment of formwork is presented; the horizontal price in Kiev remains the lowest.

You can use the free online calculator service and calculate the cost of horizontal formwork yourself.

It is also possible to order panel formwork or vertical with corner elements.

If you need professional advice - call or write to us!

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