At construction sites of different scale, one cannot do without such an auxiliary structure as formwork. Pouring concrete, reinforced concrete, soil mixture is simply impossible without these building forms. Formwork for the foundation of this most important foundation of the building is also irreplaceable.

The formwork is an auxiliary structure used to give monolithic reinforced concrete objects of the desired shape, size and position in space. Formwork allows reinforced concrete structures to acquire a clear form. The texture and quality of the new concrete surface is also largely dependent on this “construction form”. The formwork system consists of fasteners, supporting supports and forming elements. To auxiliary structures can be used reusable, they are made of durable alloys with high bearing capacity and resistance to deformation.

High-quality formwork has the stability of location in space and the invariance of geometric dimensions. Existing forms of formwork (frame, beam, tunnel) allow you to build walls in various ways. In the frame formwork system used shields, supports, fasteners. The beam system consists of beams, formwork plates, fasteners, supports, deadbolts, scaffolding for concreting, scaffolding. The tunnel formwork system consists of half sections made up of a horizontal and vertical panel. Installation of such formwork is made using a crane. After solidification of the mortar, decaltization occurs - the process of dismantling the formwork.

With the use of formwork, the construction of buildings is carried out in a shorter time, which reduces the cost of maintenance of equipment, reduces resource consumption, increases the speed of construction of the building, approximates the date of commissioning of the object, which is undoubtedly important for companies engaged in monolithic construction.

The use of construction formwork is quite simple due to the small number of component assemblies. Modern technologies on which the formwork is developed, provide the high level of safety in operating time. Strong durable designs are designed for multi-cycle operation without premature wear. Fasteners and components are characterized by a significant service life in difficult conditions.

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