On the construction of various objects, during the repair and installation works, it is convenient to use such high-rise structures as tower towers. Featuring greater mobility than scaffolding, towers can be used in confined spaces, providing staff with the same convenient working platform and sufficient structural stability. Compared with ladders and stepladders, tower tours have a greater working height and allow you to perform work safely and comfortably.

To the construction manager, in order to speed up work at heights without attracting additional labor, it is most advantageous to buy a tower tour. Such structures are easy to install without the use of tools and very quickly erected. See how the installation of the tower tours by our experts, you can here.

Unlike fixed scaffolding, towers can be moved, because the tower structures are equipped with wheels with brakes, which is important if the workplace is constantly changing. The presence of a large working platform, on which personnel with ancillary equipment and materials will be able to stay, is the advantage of the tower towers over ladders and stepladders, which are also mobile but do not have a convenient working platform.

The towers can be installed even on an uneven surface, using jacks for leveling and increasing stability with the help of stabilizers. Such building towers are convenient for performing work inside buildings and outside.

Towers construction tours VIRASTAR provide access to a maximum height of up to 22 m (for example, steel towers Optima and Profi). To buy tower tours for a specific project, it is necessary to determine the maximum height at which the staff will have to perform work. Knowing this parameter, it is easy to choose the desired model, focusing on the table of characteristics given for each tower-tours.

On our website, each buyer can get acquainted with the technical parameters and characteristics, see the vivid photos of the towers in the collection. Each tower of the tour price for which has no markup is available to the consumer. Since the company VIRASTAR is a manufacturer of stairs, forests, towers, tour, etc., you can high-altitude equipment, which also includes a tower of the tour to buy cues at a bargain price.

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