Transformer ladder for repairing equipment

Since the height of agricultural machines is high, repairers need stands to reach the nodes located at a height. It is convenient to use hinged ladders for this.

A wooden ladder - who uses it

For electricians, it is vital that the tools they work with do not conduct current. Steel and aluminum objects conduct current, but wooden objects do not. Therefore, electricians choose dielectric wooden ladders for their work.

Scaffolding is the most popular equipment for repairs

Why is construction scaffolding convenient for repair? Because on a wide platform, you can take several steps to the side without rearranging the scaffolding; the site will accommodate not only the worker, but also his tools and materials.

What formwork for concrete and reinforcement are needed for monolithic construction?

For pouring the foundation, you need formwork shields (small shield formwork due to the small height of the foundation and manual installation), as well as auxiliary elements - locks, ties, nuts, leveling tires, braces.

Step ladders - 5 practical tips

Do not stand on the top 3 rungs of the extension ladder. The working height of the attachment ladder is indicated taking into account the fact that you will not climb the last 3 rungs. Take care of your own safety when working on a ladder.

Frame scaffolding - how to properly store it?

It is undesirable to store wooden floors, steel parts of frame scaffolding in damp, humid rooms, as such conditions can provoke the appearance of corrosion and destruction of the metal.

Steel tower versus aluminum tower

One half of builders chooses aluminum tower towers, and the other chooses steel. Who is right in this argument? Which towers to prefer in your own project?

How does a 3-section aluminum ladder fold out?

The three-section ladder unfolds in several working positions: Retractable ladder, Double-sided stepladder, alpha stepladder, third section as a free-standing ladder + 2-sided stepladder, sections folded together for storage and transport.

Repair of staircases - what platforms are needed

Considering the fact that you will have to install height equipment on the stairs, you will need something that can be placed on different level surfaces. A stepladder or an ordinary ladder will be unstable on the steps. But there are special designs for such working conditions.

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