In our time, modern constructions of scaffolding have stepped far from the former, made of wood (forest), leaving only its name as a reminder. Metal scaffolding produced by us is compact, durable, lightweight, structures are quickly erected and conveniently operated.

Scaffolding, as a rule, is easy to install without requiring the use of additional equipment or tools, since the connecting elements - flag fastening in frame scaffolding, clamp and wedge in wedge-clamp forests, pin and glass in transom scaffolding - allow you to collect high-rise structures without tool.

When you face the task - to restore the facade of the building, rebuild the walls, make installation at the height of the necessary elements, repair or finish the surface of the building (inside and outside), then the most sensible decision would be to buy scaffolding.

The construction team working on elevation must be confident in the reliability of high-rise structures, the configuration of the scaffolding must ensure convenient movement of personnel. Reliable and durable scaffolding, convenient in installation and operation, produces our company VIRASTAR, which has gained considerable experience in the production of high-rise structures.


After reviewing our site with the main types of forests, you can buy scaffolding the most suitable configuration for you.

The following types of scaffolding
wedge clamp
boiler rooms
All of them are assembled from standard elements (ladders, racks, decks, jacks, holders, beams, clamps), from which you can get a design of the required height and length. The difference lies in the method of fastening elements.

Frame scaffolding is best suited for buildings with a rectangular facade. This type is the most popular because it is characterized by low metal consumption, and the price for frame scaffolding is most accessible. Elements of forests are fixed by means of flag connections. Installation occurs quite quickly due to the absence of threaded connections. The greatest working height of frame scaffolding is 40 m. Floors in the construction of frame scaffolding are located every 2 m.

V-homutovye scaffolds are characterized by low weight, they are easy to install, the design does not have a clearly limited shape, so these forests are simply indispensable for complex facades with bay windows, stairs, columns and arches. Passages to the doors and driveways for cars remain open. The greatest working height of the wedge-clamp forests is 30 m.

Bolt scaffolding have a high carrying capacity, since they are made of more metal-intensive elements. Such structures are suitable for repairing with the use of building materials, for laying bricks. Considering the type of work performed, the recommended working height for finishing the facade is 60 m, for laying bricks - 40 m.

In what cases you should buy building timber from us?
- Your enterprise is engaged in finishing of buildings outside, performance of front works, internal construction works;

- You need a quality manufactured, durable and convenient design, quickly assembled and dismantled;

- You need to perform work at high altitude;

- You need equipment for restoration or finishing works.


These are the designs we produce. The price of scaffolding VIRASTAR always remains acceptable, despite the fluctuations in the course. Scaffolding from the Ukrainian manufacturer of high quality, reliable and sold without markups of intermediaries. With us you can buy scaffolding with delivery in Kiev and in any city of Ukraine.

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